PBG starts off very confused, before realizing that he needs to draw blood from people.

TES Skyrim - Oghma Infinium (Part 3)
Upload Date September 12th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG has been in this room before for another quest. PBG is still unsure if he is doing the correct quest. He shoots at an enemy. He admires the jellyfish plants. He finds the Crimson Nirnroot, which starts the quest he has done before. He fights more Falmers. It takes four shots to hit an archer.

PBG finds an elevator to go into. Faendal suddenly runs up behind PBG. PBG has to solve a puzzle. He randomly presses buttons, and eventually guesses correctly. He receives an Elder Scroll, and PBG is certain that he has the wrong quest and is very confused.

PBG talks to Signus again, and wonders if he will need to kill people again. In Oblivion, he had to kill someone in every race. He doesn't have to kill everybody, he just has to draw some blood. He finds a weird Wretched Abyss. PBG is very confused. It is Hermaeus Mora. PBG is eventually allowed through the door.

PBG kills someone he didn't kill before. He wanted to kill her in one hit. PBG fights a big group of falmer, who are pretty tough. PBG is almost killed, and is thankful for his once a day heal ability. PBG is killed. He may have accidentally killed his own follower.

He battles the falmers again, but dies again. PBG finds a bandit shoved into a tub. PBG makes a joke as he stabs an orc in the back. PBG kills the elves he needs, and always gets them confused. PBG decides to kill one of the only nice high elves in the game, and tries to not feel bad about it.

PBG hands over all the blood. PBG is impressed by the gate that opens up. Sigmus is harshly destroyed by the Oghma Infinium! PBG takes it, before talking to Hermaeus Mora again. PBG tries to look at Hermaeus Mora in one of his eyes.

The quest is complete. PBG saves before reading the book. He shows how to keep the book after using it. PBG gained two levels from that quest. Everyone is PeanutButterGamer!

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