PBG tries to pick some locks, and kills more enemies wondering when the quest will actually start.

TES Skyrim - Oghma Infinium (Part 2)
Upload Date September 8th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG tells his follower that he will get back to his girlfriend some day, as they both battle. PBG walks around and finds a spider facing a wall. PBG picks some locks. He struggles on the master locks. Finally, he opens the master lock, and finds a much better bow then the one he has.

PBG uses his new bow on some enemies. They all die in one hit - even the out of place Skeever! PBG thinks his follower is dead, and has a moment of silence for his as he kills enemies. PBG is disappointed in the farmer arrows he is using, and switches to iron. He sneaks around to kill enemies. He runs away from a tougher enemy before battling them. PBG ends up being killed by a random ice attack to the crotch! PBG insults an enemy.

PBG is surprised by a one-hit kill by the mage that killed him earlier. PBG still isn't sure how much health he had when he started to fight her - it wasn't much. PBG levels up after sneak attacking some more. PBG still has heard nothing about the Oghma Infinium yet!

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