PBG kills some enemies, finds a weird rolling egg, tries to climb a mountain and gets the Mehrunes' Razor.

TES Skyrim - Mehrunes' Razor (Part 2)
Upload Date September 26th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG arrives at the Cracked Tusk Keep, and shoots a guy who is talking to himself. After a few missed shots, PBG kills another. Orcs start to charge towards PBG, but still can't see him, even though they are right in front of him. PBG laughs as he kills one enemy that jumps up some stairs. He finally finds a tough enemy. PBG gets killed.

PBG notices that he walked past a guy twice without seeing him. PBG takes on the tough enemy again, and tries to poison the guard, but misses, and is killed again.

On his next attempt, the enemy is lying in a bed, and PBG shoots him up the butt. PBG finally succeeds to killing him with a poison arrow. PBG thought that guy had the item that he needed.

PBG thought it would be easy to find his way. He sings as his light armor is increased. He tries to push past a gate, not noticing a second lever to open. PBG jumps over some traps, and grabs the shards of Mehrunes' Razor. This sets off a poison trap.

PBG enters Morthal. PBG interrogates a man. They end up fighting. PBG thinks it is easy, until guards pull out their weapons. The man is standing far away from PBG now, and hands over the keys to his house!

After he enters a house, an egg starts rolling across the floor. PBG decides to steal from the guy - including the egg.

PBG talks to Silus, and PBG predicts that this won't end well for him, so he takes Silus' money. PBG fast travels to his destination.

A bear chases PBG. The bear gave up, but then came back and kills PBG. PBG sets the bear on fire and stabs it to death. PBG tries to climb a steep mountain. PBG tries his best to jump up the rocks. Finally, he finds a pathway.

This is the mountain he climbed to find the Skyrim ghost. Some trolls see PBG. PBG continues to climb up the mountain, looking for his destination. A dragon arrives and begins to attack. PBG hacks and slashes at the blood dragon. He needs to heal himself. PBG jumps on the dragon's head and kills it.

PBG is in the wrong spot, however, he can see his destination. PBG finds some stairs and finally arrives at the altar. PBG is worthy of speaking to. PBG has to kill Silus. Silus demands a fight, and PBG wins. PBG remembers a boy at school called Dagon that he played soccer with.

The razor puts itself back together, and Lord Dagon summons some enemies for PBG to fight. PBG decides to run away!

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