PBG fights a lot of enemies, is killed a lot, and laughs as another man is trapped by Molag Bal.

TES Skyrim - Mace of Molag Bal (Part 2)
Upload Date June 16th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG thinks he has found the right place, and misses some enemies with his arrows. He runs up to them and stabs them instead. PBG heads into a cave. PBG shows off how he can roll. He shoots some people with his arrow -one arrow hit a person and flew off but still killed her.

PBG walks into a fire trap. PBG shoots some more enemies. PBG has vastly improved his armor. PBG tries to sneak up and kill an enemy. He gets seen. PBG doesn't want to gross people out, so he just decides to keep his mods to the blood mod.

PBG sneaks into a camp. He stands next to someone with a torch, and she still didn't see him! PBG allows himself to be killed. He gets killed again trying to get back.

Eventually, PBG finally takes out everyone in the camp. PBG finds a glass sword. PBG sits on a throne. PBG finds Logrolf the Willfull and talks to him. This guy is a jerk! PBG chooses to pay him, and then wonders why he did that. PBG watches Logrolf get trapped in the Molag Bal trap and laughs at him. PBG has to kill him. Logrolf dies, but PBG still needs to hit him some more. PBG has to kill Logrolf, and is given the Molag Bal. PBG is afraid to make Molag Bal angry.

PBG shows off the Molag Bal.

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