PBG gets attacked by thugs, enters an abandoned house, and gets trapped.

TES Skyrim - Mace of Molag Bal (Part 1)
Upload Date June 9th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG is being attacked by thugs for some reason. PBG asks for help, but guards won't help him. The guards start to attack him! PBG gets caught and pays 40 gold. He resets, and this time the guards run away from the thugs! PBG finally kills all the thugs, and the guards are cowards.

PBG has some more mods on, and has new items and weapons. He is level 17, and shows his perks that he has been leveling up. PBG can now also block and attack at the same time. PBG kills a guy that is trying to assassinate a lady.

PBG looks for a guy. PBG called himself PooBooGoo. Eventually, PBG finds the guy and talks to him. They enter the abandoned house, and PBG steals some stuff. PBG freaks out as the room constantly shakes. PBG has to kill the other guy. He apologizes as he kills the guy. PBG is freaked out. PBG takes out all his stuff. PBG tries to take the Molag Bal, and is trapped.

PBG is freed, and leaves. PBG wonders if this will end up going the same way as the Oblivion Collection series, where PBG had to do a lot of terrible things.

PBG heads to his next location.

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