PBG finds a new follower - and sacrifices him.

TES Skyrim - Ebony Mail (Part 1)
Upload Date September 29th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG shows off the Mehrunes Razor. PBG used it on a troll, and took only 3 hits to kill it. PBG shows that he has the skeleton key.

PBG finds a small deserted camp. PBG forgot that he needed to be level 30 to start the quest! PBG talks to the Priestess of Boethiah, who won't shut up. PBG yawns, and asks who just yawned after hearing him yawn. PBG is informed of his quest, and it sounds fun. He needs to find a new follower. PBG replaces his follower's name for random people.

PBG finds a follower Marcurio, and calls him Bobby. PBG makes up a story for him - and is interrupted by some attackers.

PBG finds the Pillar of Sacrifice, but can't use it. PBG talks to the Priestess of Bowethiah again to make sure he is doing the right thing. PBG decides to quicksave and kill Bobby. He decapitates Bobby! PBG has to look up what he has to do. He has to make Bobby using the shrine. Bobby gets trapped on the shrine, and PBG kills him.

PBG is insulted for slaying a mortal on the shrine. PBG has to kill all the cultists. PBG decides to sneak attack them. PBG is somehow killed himself! PBG defeats all of the cultists. The cultists just falls over. PBG finds his follower, who does not have PBG's money.

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