PBG hates the children in this game.

TES Skyrim - Ebony Blade
Upload Date September 15th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG's intro glitches. PBG will get the skeleton key, but not on this series. He talks to a woman's back. She tells him a rumor to begin the Ebony Blade quest. PBG talks to Jarl Balgruuf. PBG doesn't like his kids much. PBG hears a weird noise. PBG remembers killing one of these kids on a video once.

The kid tells PBG about the Whispering Lady. PBG eventually finds the basement. Maphala, the Whispering Lady likes messing with people. PBG needs to open the doors. PBG misunderstands what she says, and thinks there are seals behind the door.

PBG searches for the kid again. PBG needs to get the key from Farengar. He steals Farengar's stuff, while he is talked to! PBG picks up the Ebony Blade. PBG looks at himself with the Ebony Blade. The quest is already completed!

The blade can be made more powerful by killing people, so PBG decides to kill Faendal! Suddenly, a guard appears in the next room. PBG struggles to escape.

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