PBG starts Meridia's quest after she interrupted him during his last video.

TES Skyrim - Dawnbreaker (Part 1)
Upload Date July 28th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

Meridia starts talking again. After interrupting PBG last episode, PBG decided to do Meridia's quest. PBG places Meridia's item in front of her, and she terrifies PBG by teleporting him into the sky? She complains to PBG, and PBG complains back about being teleported into the sky.

PBG stops listening to Meridia and goes on strike. Meridia drops PBG to the ground! PBG heads over to a nearby dungeon. PBG likes going to the large shrines.

PBG activates a pedestal with Meridia's stone on it. He works out what he has to do. He attacks two dead ghost guys, hoping that his arrows will affect them. PBG explains how he went back to get the glass sword. PBG likes carrying torches in games. He wishes he could in Minecraft. He finds a bunch of items in chests and pots.

PBG fails to pick a lock. He presses a lever without thinking about it. PBG keeps on clicking on empty pots.

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