PBG fight more mages and skeletons, and is teleported into Azura's Star itself - where he is killed by the enemies inside it.

TES Skyrim - Azura's Star (Part 2)
Upload Date June 2nd 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG sucks at lock-picking, and gets attacked as he looks at his phone as he opens the door. He gets killed by the mage, who calls him trash. PBG continues to struggle against the mage. PBG cackles as he kills her. PBG shoots his arrows at another enemy, who never sees PBG's shots and dies.

PBG attacks another mage, and gets a 'combo wombo' as she is killed! PBG kills some skeletons. He finds Azura's Star. He thought there would have been a boss or something. He runs out and decides to send the book to Azura. He hands over Azura's Star, and Azura begins to speak.

PBG has to go inside Azura's Star. He is baffled by this. PBG tries to sound intimidating and charges into battle. PBG realizes that he is going to die. He gets killed to the minion instead. He decides to take the other guys out first.

PBG uses his potion of extreme healing to help him out. PBG gets confused and uses all the potions he can to survive. He dies again, but does several flips as he is killed! PBG doesn't want to have to lower his difficulty. He gets killed a third time.

PBG takes on the guy again and stabs him in the stomach, finally defeating him. PBG looks at Azura's Star and plays with it.

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