PBG starts his new Collection series, and starts in the same items as the Oblivion series - Azura's Star.

TES Skyrim - Azura's Star (Part 1)
Upload Date May 30th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG is starting his new series on Skyrim, and almost introduces it as Oblivion! PBG made a poll about what class he should be. An archer / thief won by a long shot. He is also an argonian. He has creepy giant eyes.

He has been avoiding the items so he gets to experience it for the first time. He starts with Azura, because he started with Azura last time! He finds a gigantic shrine. PBG talks to a person at the shrine. PBG comments on their bed.

He arrives at Winterhold and searches for someone. PBG asks the inn keeper. He finds Nelacar, and finds it easier to talk to him then he expected. PBG comments that not all the Daedrics are evil. PBG joined the Dark Brotherhood to take their uniform! PBG is using daggers for the first time and fights a skeleton. PBG loves fighting skeletons because they are so easy to fight. PBG is terrified as a dragon attacks him! PBG wanted dragons to randomly appear, and tries to run away from the dragon.

PBG finds a cave, and thinks he's been there before. PBG gets killed as he tries to heal himself by mages. PBG hides behind a corner, and tries to jump out to attack the mage, but she backs up. He kills her. PBG tries to be sneaky, but it doesn't work on the mages, and he is killed again.

PBG is still not good at lock-picking. PBG has a lot of mods on. PBG moves very slowly and loses his enemies. They lost him completely. PBG forgets what he is supposed to do.

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