PBG does the first fan star episode of the series.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 9 - FAN SHINES #1!
Upload Date February 26th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 9

Stars 3
Deaths 9


Today, PBG will be trying out some fan shines as he slides along the ground. He arrives in Ricco Harbor The tower is hinted at. PBG wall jumps on some scaffolding to get a blue coin, but there is a thing in the way!

The camera angles keep on changing on him. PBG decides to not worry about the blue coins, because of how the game works. The extra shines are kind of useless. The secret stars are pointless.

PBG misses a jump in the secret tower and dies. He misses again, and tries to make Mario spin like a helicopter. He finally gets past the spinning objects, before missing the next platform. He keeps falling off. PBG grieves in a weird way, and laughs at himself.

He keeps on dying, and saying 'woohoo' when he dies. PBG becomes too nervous to jump. He almost falls off on the last jump, but recovers. PBG is disappointed when he realizes that this is the first shine of the game.

PBG is looking forward to seeing Gooper Blooper again, and wonders how it got up to the platform it is on. PBG attempts to climb the tower again to get over to where he needs to go.

As soon as he reaches the blooper, he is thrown off the edge, and has to go all the way back to climbing up again. Gooper Blooper is much better this time. PBG finally realizes that he is almost dead. He falls off himself and dies. PBG hates video games!

PBG struggles to grab the tentacles. The gooper blooper pretends to die. PBG falls off again, and PBG finds the rocket power to climb back up. He dies again. PBG becomes frustrated.

PBG tries again, but is thrown off the edge. PBG tries to rip off the mouth as early on as he can. Gooper Blooper is thrown into the water, and PBG hopes he stays there. PBG doesn't want to touch the shine.

Someone suggests to go to Ricco Harbor. PBG is pissed at the game. PBG has to go blooper surging, and collect all the red coins. PBG is worried about how fast he is going. The camera makes him crash, and PBG apologises for being grumpy. He narrowly avoids a wall.

He struggles to get the last red coin, and gets it with three seconds left. He crashes and dies at the final platform, right in front of the shine. PBG worries that they guy in charge will get sued for his dangerous game.

This time, he gets all the coins with almost a minute to spare. PBG gets stuck in front of the shine, and has to try again, and gets the shine.

PBG tries to do a different ending, but his lips are too dry for it.