PBG races Puantissimo, climbs cages and kills bloopers.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 8 - PIANTISSIMO!
Upload Date February 19th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 8

Stars 2
Deaths 1

Synopsis Edit

PBG is intrigued as he finds that he can climb a tree, and he sees a banana on a roof. PBG heads into Gelato Beach once again, and gets mixed up. PBG wants to do some fan suggestion stars. PBG looks around for the delfino, and PBG is pretty sure he is fake.

The race begins, and PBG hits a tree. PBG tries a shortcut after getting stuck, and takes 33.83, but could not win. PBG wonders why he loses a life for losing a race. PBG gives it another shot. PBG takes 27.98, and climbs the flagpole. PBG gets an easy shine and misses Fluzzard.PBG tries to put out a delfino who is on fire, but he runs away. PBG succeeds and gets a blue coin. He heads into Ricco Harbor.

PBG doesn't want to do a caged level. PBG loses the game by missing the first crane. PBG doesn't like the spider enemy. PBG threatens the bloopers and kills them. A delfino makes a movie reference with a manhole, and PBG doesn't know what he is talking about. PBG travels down the manhole.

PBG goes back to the cages and continues to climb and yells at bloopers to get them out of the way. A wind enemy knocks PBG all the way back to the start, and blames the sand bird. PBG finds a rocket nozzle. PBG is scared of it. He makes it to the shine, and is afraid of the wind guys.PBG is hungry. PBG rambles at the end, and tells Jeff to cut it out. He gives up.