PBG finds a lot of blue coins, battles a boss, and puts a pokey in the thumbnail.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 7 - WHAT MISSILES?!
Upload Date February 15th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 7

Stars 3
Deaths 2

Synopsis Edit

PBG heads back to Pinna Park. This will be the first shine that PBG hasn't done before. PBG talks to the locals, including flowers who talk to him while being attacked. PBG tries to walk up to the boss, who cheats by hiding. PBG finds a blue coin. He waters some flowers. PBG finds another blue coin in a crate.

Eventually, PBG works out what to do, and starts trying to get bombs and rockets to follow him. Eventually, PBG waters a bomb allowing him to throw the bomb at the boss. The boss is soon defeated. PBG heads inside the cannon, which has another secret area.

PBG needs to be careful as the level keeps changing. Mario slams his head on a wall, and falls to his death. PBG wants to do the long jump. PBG likes the bouncy platforms. PBG clutches and grabs the platform. After another clutch, he gets the shine.PBG heads back to Bianco Hills, after messing around in the hub world. PBG enjoys the music. PBG collects red coins. He wonders why the game keeps on giving him the nozzles. He accidentally sprays a villager, then deliberately does it. PBG gets attacked by a ghost.

PBG finds a blue coin, and is thankful that he doesn't have to go find it. PBG confuses himself looking for a blue coin that appears on opposite sides of a wall. PBG wants to use a pokey in the thumbnail, and tries to remind himself. PBG continues to struggle to get the blue coin, and finds another one on the underside of a bridge.

Finally, he works out how to get the blue coin. He finds that there are two blue coins in the same spot. He gets them both. PBG finds even more blue coins. After collecting all the red coins, he heads to the shine.PBG tries to find out what the raccoons "with testicles" are called! He works out that they are tanookis. PBG gets another shine after handing in his coins.

PBG wonders why there are pineapples in the water.