PBG surfs on bloopers, and flings suction cup enemies around while complaining about the sandbird.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 4 - HE'S DIED!
Upload Date February 5th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 4

Stars 2
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

PBG doesn't know what level to do as his dog barks. PBG heads back to Ricco Harbor. PBG meant to go to the other one. PBG rides on bloopers and misses the blue coin. PBG doesn't think he's doing that good. He crashes, and dies. PBG wants to go back to the blue coin. He reaches the goal in 45.24. The pianta is dancing, but PBG does not do good enough for a shine.

PBG grabs the blue coin from earlier. PBG keeps on overshooting over the blooper at the start, and PBG is angered as he somehow spins. He hits a wall and dies, getting a game over! PBG is offended by his game over.

PBG uses the word umbrage, and wants everyone to learn a new word by getting Jeff to put the definition on the screen. This time PBG walks onto a blooper rather then jump on it. He hits another wall and dies. "Mario He's died" PBG makes it in 40.33, and gets the shine.PBG tries to sing a song, but realizes that the song doesn't exist. PBG heads back to Gelato Beach by jumping off of Toad. PBG follows coins and gets flung into the air. PBG wants to complain about the sandbird. PBG grows stairs by spraying sand! PBG tries to fling some suction cup enemies off a plate. He has a difficult time with it. PBG is disappointed when he only gets one of them. PBG finds a water refill, which is what he wanted. PBG has to climb all the way back up to get to the other platforms. He sprays and flings off more suction cup enemies. PBG started at the hardest one and did the easiest one last. PBG goes to get a shine after a worm is split in half to reveal it! PBG laughs as Mario rolls on his stomach to get to the shine.PBG checks the level again for the sandbird shine.