PBG defeats a giant blooper and runs across sand platforms.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 3 - GOOPER BLOOPER!
Upload Date February 1st 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 3

Stars 2
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG asks Peach if she is sad. He yells at Peach for being so lazy. PBG looks around for a new level. PBG sprays and kills a goop enemy eventually. PBG enters the new building, which has bears inside, who want blue coins. PBG enters Ricco Harbor.

This is the level PBG saw in the other level. PBG rambles about taking his shoes off and making soup. PBG learns how he can do the double jump and triple jump. PBG has to punch a gate, and tries to find the logic to it. He finds a blue coin, and yells at the bad camera.

PBG becomes confused as he climbs around. Mario jumps when PBG wants him to drop instead. PBG raises a sub by spraying at a fan, and gets a blue coin. After killing bloopers, PBG jumps off a wall and gets another blue coin in a fountain. A third blue coin comes out of a wall.

PBG fights a large blooper. PBG pulls its tentacles off. PBG likes to say that he is speedrunning whenever he is doing anything good. PBG tries to pill the blooper's mouth off, and it doesn't go well for it! PBG considers the blooper to still be alive.PBG likes making Mario slide across the world. PBG sprays at another goop enemy to save a Toad. PBG heads into Gelato Beach, ignoring a Toad. PBG drinks a red bull, setting a bad example. A sandcastle appears after PBG sprays a creature, and heads into another secret level. PBG is suspicious that Baby Bowser might have something to do with Shadow Mario. PBG runs across sand platforms, and finds a 1-up under a nail. PBG reaches the shine.

PBG talks to the Toad who has helped himself. PBG sprays the same wall that he sprayed previously, and still doesn't know where the blue coin is.