PBG gets an easy star, kills Petey Piranha and makes himself look bad at games.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 2 - CLEANUP COMMENCE!
Upload Date January 27th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 2

Stars 3
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

PBG jumps into Bianco Hills. PBG has done this one and knows what he is doing. PBG hasn't played this game unlike the other Mario games. PBG played the game for a little bit for the Top 10 Mario games video. PBG destroys a paint enemy, and gets a shrine. He is surprised that this is all he was supposed to do!He jumps back into Bianco Hills. PBG discusses how he doesn't have time to 100% this game. PBG wants to clean up everything. PBG likes collecting and finding everything he can in Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. PBG ignores instructions, and FLUDD gets confused. PBG finds a blue coin. Petey Piranha is dancing, and PBG doesn't want to kill it. It takes a while for PBG to realize what to do against Petey. It is weird to hit Petey's belly button. Petey melts into chocolate goop.PBG thinks that Mario is evil because he kills cute creatures. PBG talks about how much he likes Delfino Plaza. PBG wants Nintendo to do more with Wuhu Island. It's cool that PBG can see the other levels from where he is. PBG attempts to use the FLUDD to jump over to a platform, and fails. PBG can't do a high jump, so he has to try to triple jump.

PBG misses a platform, and is worried about being bad. He wants Jeff to edit in him being good at the game.

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He finds the cave. PBG still can't do Mario's normal moves. He falls between platforms and dies three times in a row in the same way. On his last life, he tries to not jump at all. PBG ground pounds some nails in, giving him some coins. PBG has to jump for a 1-Up, but can't reach it, so he can't get it, and gets the shine anyway.An outtake of PBG struggling to blow raspberries is shown.