PBG chases Shadow Mario twice, and saves villages from goop.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 23 - SPRINT TO THE FINISH!
Upload Date April 23rd 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 23

Stars 3
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG is looking forward to getting the rest of the shines he needs. He starts at Sirena Beach. PBG is not looking forward to the Shadow Mario shines. PBG keeps on losing Shadow Mario and crashes into a boo - straight after saying that this won't be hard. There are a lot of fake Shadow Marios. PBG admits that he is annoying, but Shadow Mario is too. PBG blasts up to Pianta Village. PBG must save the villages from the goop. The first five are pretty easy, and PBG is distracted by the tiny people. The timed challenges were among the easier shines in the game. Mario is practicing for the Olympics as he dives back into Pianta Village. Shadow Mario leaves fire behind him, and PBG almost dies after getting into the fire once. Shadow Mario does a tricksy move jumping behind Mario. It doesn't take too long for PBG to chase Shadow Mario.

PBG comments on the pronounciation of Rosalina's name. PBG rambles at the end of the video telling the viewer to do what they have to do today.