PBG needs to find a large watermelon, and clean up goop.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 22 - WATERMELON FESTIVAL!
Upload Date April 20th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 22

Stars 2
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

PBG will be doing the last fan shine. This one couldn't possibly be worse then the lily pad. PBG gets thrown into the air by a bird, and PBG tries to kill it. PBG finds a watermelon, and wonders about it being this easy. When he gets the the pier, the watermelon blows up! The birds chase PBG. PBG needs to find a bigger watermelon.

PBG finds another bigger watermelon on a hill. The melon rolls down the hill after PBG. PBG attacks every bird that gets in his way. PBG pushes the melon along the pier. PBG gets the shine - and lands in the blades.PBG goes to Sirena Beach. PBG thought that the Watermelon Festive shine would have taken a long time after the lily pad. PBG has to clear all the goop from the beach. He finds some barrels to throw onto the goop. PBG completes it with 20 seconds left. PBG gets the shine.PBG feels that the hotel should be shut down. PBG rants about how bad the entire island is.