PBG chases a chain chomp into a bath, replaces Jeff with his dog, is thrown off the edge and defeats King Boo.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 20 - KING BOO!
Upload Date April 11th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 20

Stars 3
Deaths 7

Synopsis Edit

PBG heads back to Pianta Village. PBG sprays the chain chimp and tries to pull it. PBG waits for the chomp to get close to the bath. It doesn't work very well. PBG keeps on being hit by the hot chain. PBG yells at FLUDD. PBG gets close, but falls into the water. The chain chomp falls into the water and turns golden. PBG takes the shine. Everyone is special - except for PBG!PBG is back in Pianta Village. PBG can hear screamng outside and checks what is going on. PBG takes a picture of Azura yawning. He sends the photos to Jeff for no context with "Dees for video". PBG finds a pineapple for Yoshi. PBG gets attacked by the wind when he tries to ride Yoshi. PBG falls through a mushroom and dies.

PBG is going to play PB&Jeff with Azura instead of Jeff. The PB&Jeff theme is played with Azura replacing Jeff. PBG tries to get an extra life by jumping off a mushroom, but gives up on it. He finds two more extra lives. PBG accidentally jumps off Yoshi and almost fall of the edge.

PBG makes it into the secret area. He gets hiccups. PBG is thrown around by Definos who are throwing Mario. One of which throws PBG off the edge. He gets thrown off again. PBG is thrown to an extra life. PBG couldn't even see what was happening, as he is thrown up to another platform, only to be thrown too far. PBG misses the throw to get him to the shine.

After getting a perfect throw, PBG just misses a platform. PBG wants to see this done in a speedrun. PBG is thrown to a side when he wasn't expecting it and dies. PBG almost misses a jump, falls off the edge, and catches himself on the original platform. PBG waits a long time for a Pianta, and makes it to the shine.PBG jumps over to Sirena Beach. PBG is excited to be able to fight King Boo. PBG thinks about fighting King Boo in Super Mario Galaxy. PBG ground pounds on a roulette wheel, and it sinks down to the boss creepy fight. PBG feeds the King Boo peppers. PBG feels that he is getting better at this game. King Boo shoots enemies at PBG. The enemies that appear disappear after a while. PBG fixes the problem by waiting it out. After three times, King Boo dies, and PBG gets the shine.PBG has been enjoying the game. PBG will likely do another fan shines episode next.