PBG starts to play Super Mario Sunshine - a Mario game he has not played before.

Upload Date January 26th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 1

Stars 1
Deaths 0

Synopsis Edit

The viewers knew that it was only a matter of time before PBG played Super Mario Sunshine. He watches the opening cutscene. There is foreshadowing as a Mario appears in a video. PBG thinks the intro to this game isn't all that good. This is the only Mario game that PBG has never played. Mario is being pretty dumb.

PBG instantly falls in goop. He comments on how happy the Toad's are. PBG collects the FLUDD - which PBG has to look up the name of. PBG saves the Pianta, and defeats the goop. Shadow Mario created a lifeform with paint! PBG gets his first shrine.

PBG rambles about Mario being in jail. Mario is in court. PBG wishes he saw this cutscene as a kid. PBG agrees that Mario is guilty, but for a different reason.

PBG wonders why everyone on the island likes to break boxes. PBG needs to clean up more people. The gunk spawns another 'Petey Piranha' creature, which PBG defeats. Peach doesn't even try to avoid being kidnapped, and PBG wonders why the town has never heard of Mario.

PBG chases and sprays Shadow Mario. PBG sprays a wall with a blue coin, but he doesn't know where the blue coin is. Shadow Mario has opened a portal, which PBG will go into on the next episode.