PBG has a perfect run ruined, saves the mayor - kind of, and beats Piantissimo once more.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 19 - THE MAYOR IS "SAVED"!
Upload Date April 6th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 19

Stars 3
Deaths 3

Synopsis Edit

PBG tries to change up the intro - and falls off the building. PBG gets back up in one shot. PBG screwed up his recording without noticing, so PBG will redo the shines. PBG messes up after saying he would do better, and decides to start over. Piantissimo went a different way this time. PBG chooses the wrong level, and has to cancel it out. Piantissimo runs up the tree very quickly, catching up to PBG and PBG barely wins.

The shine loses its charm since PBG already has it. PBG heads to Sirena Beach in its casino. PBG plays the free slot machine. Last time PBG tried, he got a lot of boos. PBG gets hits triple 7s. He is shown a puzzle, and has to shoot at it to reveal a shine. PBG gets angry at the top corner that doesn't work.

He enters another platforming level. PBG doesn't care about the red coins, and misses one. PBG explains how many times he died when he did this earlier. PBG is shocked that the red coins kill him - ruining his perfect run! PBG misses a jump, and has to wall jump. PBG almost fails the last jump, and gets the shine.

PBG rockets up the building again. PBG is surprised that he doesn't have FLUDD. PBG talks to the piantas. He climbs underneath the level and makes the same sounds as Mario. PBG tries to look around for a different entrance. PBG is surrounded by red goop. He tries to walk along the edge, but falls off. He falls into the goop and dies - and game overs.

PBG tries walking along a pipe. He dies again after not being able to recover. PBG finds where he is supposed to go. PBG lands on some mushrooms, and has to jump across them. PBG gets to some land, and climbs up to FLUDD. PBG saves the mayor. PBG wonders how the mayor is saved. Nothing was answered!