PBG defeats the manta ray and chases down chomps.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 17 - THEY'RE PISSED!
Upload Date March 30th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 17

Stars 2
Deaths 2

Synopsis Edit

PBG predicts a flawless victory against the manta ray. PBG uses a different strategy, and feels good about it. He climbs a tree, and wonders if he can stay up there. FLUDD has a very big reach. PBG considers this a strategy, rather then cheating, and makes a war analogy. The rays are all after PBG now! PBG tries to get more water, but gets shocked and doesn't know why. All of the manta rays are defeated, and the hotel comes out from the ground.PBG explains why he doesn't save the game. PBG was told that using the rocket version of FLUDD allows him to jump higher, and tries to get up to the roof he tried to get to several episodes ago. After many attempts, he makes it up and heads into Pianta Village.

PBG finds a blue coin on the wall, as he discusses the comments section and backseat gaming. PBG has a lot of questions for the Piantas. PBG sprats water at chomps. FLUDD gives PBG hints, and PBG yells at FLUDD when it does. PBG continues to spray all the chomps. There are two suspicious piantas. PBG heads under the level. A platform falls, and Mario falls and dies!

PBG does not like being thrown. PBG tries to work out the cryptic clue from the piantas. PBG dies when he gets stuck in goop. PBG launches a chomp into water. FLUDD tells PBG to be kind to his pets as he defeats the last chomp and gets the shine.PBG gets up to the top of the building again, and asks Jeff if he is proud of him. Now PBG can't get down and is scared.