PBG chase Shadow Mario around some more before being beaten up by a electrified manta ray.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 16 - YOSHI VOMIT!
Upload Date March 26th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 16

Stars 2
Deaths 2

Synopsis Edit

PBG needs to get the last two stars from Bianco Bay and Noki Bay. PBG is hoping that something will happen after this. PBG misses a wall jump, and complains about the mechanic. PBG then complains about how swimming in the water doesn't hurt Shadow Mario. PBG has a hard time in this level.PBG deletes his cyborg memory after getting each shine. PBG never completed the first level for some reason, so he goes back to chase Shadow Mario again. PBG does not like the Shadow Mario levels.PBG has no idea what to do now. He realizes that he is missing a level. He searches for it. PBG finds a large pineapple in a pipe, and tries to find Yoshi to eat it. He finds a coconut to feed Yoshi. Yoshi starts vomiting! Yoshi eats the pineapple from a long reach, and PBG gets into Sirena Beach.

PBG saw a lot of comments about how much he sucks at the game. PBG think this is referencing The Shining. PBG needs to spray the manta to divide it. He gets beaten up. PBG wonders if there is any use for the spinning technique. PBG jumps above the manta rays and sprays down on them. PBG runs out of water, and has one health left. PBG admits that he ignores instructions. PBG takes a lot of damage being knocked around and eventually dies.

PBG wonders why the game didn't ever direct him to the pipe where Sirena Bay is located. He dies again as there is goop everywhere, and he gets knocked around. PBG doesn't have the time to finish this shine.