PBG explores Pinna Park.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 15 - PEENY PARK!
Upload Date March 23rd 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 15

Stars 3
Deaths 6

Synopsis Edit

PBG decides to finish Pinna Park. PBG rambles and messes up. PBG finds an extra life in a box. PBG struggles with climbing on scaffolding, and finds that he can turn them by spraying it with water. PBG feels that this game is more difficult then other Mario games.

PBG realizes that he can go onto the other side to knock a turtle away. PBG doesn't even remember losing as much health as he has lost! Eventually, PBG knocks the turtle out of the way, and the shine is revealed - at the top of the ferris wheel.PBG has decided that Mario has been sentenced to community sentence. PBG talks about his experience with parks - and only some of the people died! PBG gets shocked by electric turtles, and PBG decides to just die to restart the level. PBG believes the electrified turtles are a large issue then the Yoshi-Go-Round. PBG searches for a banana. PBG finds that Yoshi doesn't want a banana, and needs to search for a mango instead. He finds a mango - on a tree next to where Yoshi was. PBG is surprised as he created a platform. PBG is confused as to what he has to do, before accidentally figuring it out. In his surprised, PBG falls off right at the start. PBG jumps across various Yoshi-colored platforms. He makes it across without falling off. PBG hits a ceiling and falls to his death - right after he talks about not embarrassing himself. He falls off one of the moving platforms - twice. PBG becomes disorientated, and falls off again. PBG tries to wall jump a shortcut, but it doesn't want him to do it. He arrives at the shines, and now has 40. PBG has to chase Shadow Mario around the park. When the shine appears, PBG struggles to get it.