PBG takes more suggestions from fans to get a lot of shines.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 13 - PACHINKO MACHINE!
Upload Date March 14th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 13

Stars 5
Deaths 4


To do: find the correct names for these shines.

PBG is doing more fan suggested stars. PBG uses the wrong nozzle, and searches for the one he needs. He breaks into a building, into an intimidating level. PBG slides and jumps across the platforms, and it is not as hard as PBG thought. He misses the last jump and dies.

He doesn't jump in time for the last jump. PBG was playing Super Monkey Ball recently, and wanted to play the game on PB&Jeff. He barely makes it to the shine.

He tries to charge into another building, and gets an easy shine.

PBG pulls up the next suggestion. PBG heads over to the lighthouse where another level is. PBG messes up, and blames Mario. He heads into a pipe.

PBG finds another slidey level, similar to Monkey Ball. PBG barely sutbives a fall, as he slides and climbs. Mario is terrified. PBG flies over to the shine.

Everyone has suggested to do the Pachinko Machine level. PBG checks in some blue coins, and gets another shine.

PBG will get 5 pointless shines in one episode! PBG tries to get to the boat in time, but he misses it. PBG swims around, and tries to get on the boat as it comes by. Nobody is manning the boat. PBG fails at jumping when he is under a bridge. The boat comes by again. PBG keeps trying from the land, but it doesn't work. He tries the boat again, and it works.

He arrives in the Pachinko machine. PBG immediately jumps off the edge and dies! PBG quickly gets his first four coins. PBG becomes frustrated by the camera. He doesn't want to bounce, but he does, however he finds another coin.

PBG decides to wall jump to control himself better, and is rewarded with anothe coin. Mario refuses to get off the wall as PBG tries to jump. He eventually gets the last red coin, and now has to get the shine. He gets thrown out of the level and dies! He gets a game over!

PBG thought that he was going to have an easy shine.PBG realizes that he didn't save, and has to get all the shines all over again!

"PBG got sad and stuff..." "Really really sad guys.... It was a problem."

PBG didn't know it was even possible to fall and die. PBG gets all the red coins in the pachinko machine again. He wondered why this level was hard. PBG forgets how he was going to jump. Now he wants to wall jump, and can't. PBG is worried as he doesn't jump the way he wants to, and gets the shine.