PBG kills an eel by cleaning its teeth, and kills Petey again.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 12 - DENTAL HYGIENE!
Upload Date March 7th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 12

Stars 2
Deaths 2


PBG searches for Shadow Mario, and chases and sprays him. PBG struggles to wall jump. Yoshi wants a 'noonee'. PBG won't call it a banana! PBG falls as soon as he gives the banana to Yoshi. Yoshi eats all the food and changes color.

PBG heads into Noki Bay. PBG has to climb up the mountain again. PBG is tricked by a cucco-clock bird. PBG doesn't feel like this will work. He struggles to move under the water. PBG doesn't know what to do, and can't turn around. PBG needs coins to not drown.

He soon figures out that he needs to fly over the eel's teeth. PBG needs to bail to get coins, and just gets there just before he would die. FLUDD gives PBG dentistry advice. PBG wonders if he killed the eel. PBG checks out the hole, and finds coins in the shape of a heart. PBG thinks he killed the eel.

Shadow Mario appears, and needs to be sprayed again. He wants to be caught. PBG compares Shadow Mario to his dog. Chasing Shadow Mario is not fun. PBG tries a new blasting ability. He doesn't know how useful it will be.

He heads back to Bianco Hills. PBG talks about learning how to use an ability. PBG asks for non-compulsary fan shines. PBG follows the arrows - and finds himself back at the previous shine. He commits to getting red coins instead, and falls off the edge. He gives up on it, and searches for Petey again.

PBG attempts to spin-spray, but it doesn't help very much. PBG has to get thrown around, and gives up on the guy when he decides that he is useless. A lot of little guys appear, attaching themselves to Mario. PBG throws one at Petey. He feels bad for killing the tiny pigs.

Petey flies around. He gets killed by a gunk enemy, and PBG wonders when he was taking damage. PBG feels bad for making Petey vomit. Finally, PBG gets the opportunity to spray into Petey's mouth, and ground pound him. Petey makes a tornado!

PBG apologizes to Petey as he turns to goop again. PBG gets the shine.

PBG runs around in circles.