PBG swims underwater to get red coins, PBG can't fall down, and saves flowers from a turtle egg.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 11 - DO EVERYTHING, MARIO!
Upload Date March 4th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 11

Stars 3
Deaths 0


Mario was looking forward to a vacation, but now he has to still do Mario stuff. PBG goes back to Noki Bay.

PBG can now swim underwater, but he can't read the text properly. PBG is surprised as he actually goes into the bottle! PBG struggles with the controls. He gets chased by a giant fish. The fish grabs hold of him! PBG struggles to find the last red coin. He spins up to it, making him sick, and Mario starts dying. PBG collects the last red coin, and picks up the shine.

PBG rambles about the shines he missed because he lost footage, and the pointless shines. He tries to pronounce Pinna. He talks about going on rollercoasters. He loved the swinging pirate ship.

He thinks he saw a blue coin in the water, but it was a nozzle. He then sees an actual blue coin, and tries to get to it, but can't. As a kid, he was a pansy. Then he grew up and liked rollercoasters, now he is a pansy again! PBG falls off the pirate ship.

PBG tries to climb on bars to get a red coin, and ground pounds on enemies to get rid of them so he can reach it. An enemy shocks him off. PBG has internal struggles on whether or not to get a blue coin. He decides to go for it, but it disappears when he is about to get it.

He runs past enemies, getting shocked on each one, but gets the red coin. PBG doesn't know how to fall down. "He can't get down" He works out how to kick enemies from below. He presses every button, and somehow gets down without knowing what he did! "Send help!"

He climbs above a blue coin, but still doesn't know how to fall down to get it! "Please help!" He figures out that it is B! After collecting the last red coin, PBG has to find the shine. He heads all the way to the top. PBG perfers getting stars instead of shines.

PBG heads back into Pinna Park. PBG tries to water the sad flowers. A 'Yoshi egg' is an enemy. Once the enemy that looks like Kappa is killed, flowers grow. PBG is reminded by a pokey, about his thumbnail challenge from a few episodes ago. Some people didn't think that he put the pokey in the thumbnail, but he did.

He continues to crush egg enemies and growing flowers. PBG questions why the flowers get to live, but not the turtle eggs. The turtle egg yawns, and PBG finds it cute. A pokey hangs out with a derpy smile. PBG collects the shine.

PBG was going to end the episode, but something is happening in Delfino Plaza.