PBG gets very lost and defeats bosses in Noki Bay.

Super Mario Sunshine Part 10 - I MESSED UP!
Upload Date February 29th 2016
Series Super Mario Sunshine
Episode No. 10

Stars 3 off camera, 2 on camera
Deaths 0


PBG has to make an apology. The footage didn't work for the last episode. PBG got 3 shrines that he didn't record - two of which were Shadow Mario shines. PBG reads the game's headlines. PBG realizes after a moment that he has to look into the sun to go to Noki Bat.

PBG is excited about the new level. PBG talks to the guy, who only wants to go fishing. PBG climbs the hill that is covered in goop. He attempts to fill a jug with water to go up, but he falls.

PBG is disappointed in how he has to complete the game. PBG becomes lost, and runs out of water. He discovers that the enemies drop water, and continues to climb through the goop.

After trying to throw a bomb at the cannon, he falls all the way to the bottom. He almost dies in the goopy water. PBG is surprised by a platform that comes out of the wall. PBG searches desperately for coins so he doesn't die.

PBG is not optomistic as he tries to throw bombs. He kills the enemy, and falls off the edge. PBG is upset as he has to climb up again to get the shine, and almost dies again in the poisonous water. He gets the shine.

The water is still polluted. PBG likes the idea of a secret area. PBG is confused as he finds a secret tunnel. PBG reaches the top of the area, before falling when he sees where he is supposed to go. He finds some blue coins. The hole takes him all the way back down to the bottom. He investigates the area more and finds another blue coin.

PBG has no idea where he is going. PBG is surprised by gooper being here. PBG explains about how hard it was for him to fight Gooper previously as he defeats him. PBG figured out what he was supposed to do, and gets the shine. PBG wonders if there is a super speedrun tactic for that shine.

PBG decides to ask for fan suggestions stars, and only do shines that aren't required.