PBG has problems with wizards in this episode of Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker Fan Levels! - MALL OF SPOOK!
Upload Date May 13th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Mall of Spook - 7F13-0000-00E0-6B25

Watch Out! - 9E64-0000-01DE-FE95

Synopsis Edit

PBG stumbles over his intro. The next level fan level is 'Mall of Spook'. Jeff is playing. Jeff is worried about the spikes on the wall. He climbs up an escalator and runs through chaos. He eventually dies to a lakitu. Jeff tries to take a lower path, and witnesses more chaos. Jeff likes the multipath, and takes a pipe, finding even more paths.

The basement is even more chaotic, and Jeff wonders how not to die. Jeff plows through the basement, and gets to the checkpoint. Jeff goes through doors and has to fight Bowser Jr. Jeff tries to hide from the spooks, and gets crushed. PBG doesn't want to do this level.

Jeff finds Yoshi, and tries to jump on him, but is attacked by Bowser and Bowser Jr just as he was about to get on. There are so many things. Jeff doesn't want to be in the party door. Jeff finds the end of the level.

Next is a level called 'Watch Out!' It has a 2% clear rate. PBG pressed it to jump after he falls off. A wizrobe appears, and teleports to the worst possible place. Get out of town wizard! PBG has to climb up a vine surrounded by spikes. They keep on talking about their line of non-existing shirts. PBG makes it past the vine, and heads underground. He kills himself on a chain chomp.

Most of PBG's problems are caused by a wizard. They arrive at a puzzle. PBG needs to make a precise jump to get to a fire flower, but misses it. It is hard to remember all the mechanics for each version of Mario level. PBG has no patience. PBG can't get the precise jump to get past the piranha plant. PBG gives the control to Jeff to get past the precise jump.

PBG has to try to get into a pipe, but can't find out how to get in. PBG sees a pathway above the pipes, and misses it. PBG finds the skinny Mario for the first time. He wastes too much time looking at skinny Mario and dies! PBG dies a lot on the earlier sections of the level again.

Jeff takes over as PBG has to answer his phone. Jeff is curious about the secret platform, and finds that it is a trap. He reaches the checkpoint. Jeff has to run past a lot of enemies. Jeff finds a star, and past them, only to get through a pipe, finding a wall of enemies. He gets the star later to get past the enemies, and carefully gets to the end. Mario is pushed off the edge at the end. PBG got drained from that level. PBG rambles through his intro, and they come up with more shirt ideas.

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