PBG wants to get mad at Jared for his Mario Maker level.

Upload Date October 31st 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's E797-0000-0079-2B97

Synopsis Edit

PBG sings the intro. They are playing another ProJared level. PBG kills some goombas and gets past a fireball trap. PBG successfully clears the first room. He tries to jump to the next platform, but gets confused and dies. PBG falls into lava on his next attempt.

PBG wants to make a level for Jared after making another mistake. PBG thinks he can jump onto a thomp, and dies. He keeps on missing the jump in the second room. PBG discusses his favorite 2D Mario game, which is Super Mario World. He tells a story about playing Mario 3 when he worked at a pizza place. He dies while he tells the story several times.

PBG can't focus very well. He keeps on dying early on in the level. PBG reaches a puzzle where he needs to use a bomb to blow up blocks - only to be shot with a bomb which kills him. PBG gets frustrated after having to go through the whole level just to die at the bob-omb. PBG wants to get more mad at Jared.

Jeff gets past the bob-omb section and is surprised that he can pick them up. He uses a fire flower to get past some hammer bros. Jeff realizes that this is Mario 3, not Mario 1! Jared is too lame to put secrets in his level! Jeff arrives at Bowser, but can't get to the axe.

Jeff finds out how to get his power ups back by jumping onto cannons. Now Jeff has to do it all over again. Jeff is terrified by the boss fight. They have to keep on resetting. Jeff flies over the top of the fight, and makes it over to beat Bowser and the level.

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