Jeff plays through a Mario Maker level with a P-Switch.

Upload Date December 25th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's A6B9-0000-00BD-20A0

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff play a level called 'Take it with You!' They accuse the creator of following trends like someone else did. Jeff fails to take the P-Switch with him, and jumps off the edge. Jeff climbs up the level with the P-Switch, and gets trapped by enemies. He then navigates around the enemies. He kills a lot of enemies with a koopa shell, with PBG encouraging him along the way. Jeff makes a path with hidden blocks. He runs and avoids the fire. Jeff goes through a door, and is told to go into another door. He falls into a trap, and has to start over!

He hits the P-Switch again. Jeff dies on the enemies, and PBG starts making fun of him. PBG likes the laughing effect that trolls Jeff. Jeff keeps on making PBG level mistakes. PBG investigates the creator's channel to prove that he does play games. Jeff asks to put some black screens into videos. Some people probably would watch blank screens for their favorite YouTubers.

Jeff goes into the correct door, and reaches the end of the stage. Jeff realizes that he made a mistake when he went into the wrong door after being told which door was correct. It makes sense for him to have been punished!

Todd has to confirm that the creator plays games. PBG wants to creepily hire an investigator to make sure that the creator does play games. Look forward to their blank videos!

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