PBG and Jeff play a difficult spooky Mario Maker level.

Upload Date April 2nd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's C9E5-0000-01D4-33EB

Synopsis Edit

PBG plays the next level, and it has a 0% clear rate. PBG has to use a P-BLock to get past coins. Jeff tells him to go faster in case he needs to go through multiple. PBG spin-jumps on a chain chomp. PBG finds another P-Block, kicks it away and jumps into a ghost!

PBG and Jeff were not paying attention to the boos in the corner. Jeff dates the video by saying that there will be keys in the game. PBG keeps messing up the P-Block or the jump onto the chain chomp. He then jumps into the saw blades above the chain chomp. PBG and Jeff argue, where Jeff plays the role of PBG's mom.

PBG gives up, so Jeff takes over. Jeff makes fun of PBG being bad at games. PBG is good at Rocket League and Mount and Blade. Jeff gets past the obstacle, and gets stuck at the next one, where he has to jump over ghosts. If Pokemon characters were vegetables, Brock would be a potato! PBG points out that Jeff is not in movies. PBG would have talked the directors of Zootopia out of letting him be in the movie if he was asked.

If they beat this level, they can get pizza. Jeff needs to time himself to jump onto a cannon ball. It is very hard. Jeff keeps on jumping on the P-Switch too early. Jeff gets past the cannonballs, before finding blocks blocking a pipe. He finds a P-Switch above him, but grabs it without having to do the cannonball jump again. He makes it into the next room which is full of ghost traps.

Jeff activates every trap, and gets killed by a boo just before the checkpoint. Jeff gives up. Jeff plays with a P-Switch at the end of the video.

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