PBG and Jeff continues to play fan made levels.

Super Mario Maker FAN LEVELS! - Part 4
Upload Date January 9th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Super Saw Bros.

For PeanutButterGamer

Synopsis Edit

Jeff is continuing to play the same level from the last video. They talk about making money off of beating Mario Maker levels. They ask the viewers whether they want to watch a variety of levels, or for them to suffer. PBG makes random sound effects as Jeff jumps. Jeff gets further into the level, and has to jump up to a platform, only to find a hidden block to kill them.

The next level is called 'For PeanutButterGamer'. PBG starts playing, and gets freaked out as thwomps appear. PBG gets bumped off the edge by a thwomp in a clown car. PBG pressed it to jump in the air. PBG keeps on being bullied off the edge! He also keeps on sliding off the edge. PBG has incredible mood swings when he plays Mario games.

PBG starts getting chased by the clown car after he gets past. PBG tries to jump off koopas. PBG asks Lord Sonic why. PBG tries to bully the clown car, and misses the moving platform. They discuss meeting Miyamoto and asking him why they use mushrooms. PBG gets a star and runs to the end of the level. PBG appreciates the creator of the level.

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