PBG and Jeff takes on more fan levels.

Super Mario Maker FAN LEVELS! - Part 2
Upload Date October 24th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Abandoned Spaceship : FEDF-0000-0034-79B4

KK's Last Gig : 8832-0000-0068-034B

Flying High : E014-0000-0036-CF9A

Synopsis Edit

PBG starts playing a level called 'Abandoned Spaceship'. PBG hates adventures! PBG couldn't see where he was going and falls off. PBG leaves a mushroom so he can pick it up when he hits a cheep cheep.

PBG has played very little Mario Maker, while Jeff has played a lot. PBG thought he pressed it to jump, but he fell off. The level is generous with the Fox's. PBG falls off a vine after pressing it to jump. PBG talks about playing ranks on Rocket League. PBG gives up after screwing up on a bullet bill, but refuses to hand it over to Jeff, and decides to continue.

They are both salty after doing so well in Counter Strike, and then their scores were reset. PBG rides a clown car to the end of the level. PBG and Jeff discuss how to pronounce the creator's name.

The next level is 'KK's Last Gig'. Jeff plays this one. Jeff activates a P-Block to move through a pipe. He tries to run through a spike filled area, but doesn't get far. He forgets the falling dry bones again. Jeff searches for a star, and goes down the pipe instead. Jeff investigates the maze-like level. Now they can go down the spike path after finding a boot. KK performs near the end of the level. They panic at the end of the level where KK actually dies at the end.

Finally, they play 'Flying High'. PBG plays, and finds out he needed the leaf given at the start of the level. PBG tries to kill the hammer bro, and dies. PBG flies with the leaf powerup. PBG keeps on forgetting to fly. They find a cloud that they can fly on. PBG tries to run through the level, and dies on a spike. He makes it to the end of the level on a cloud, and apologizes for the camera stopping recording.

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