PBG and Jeff play through some levels made by fans.

Super Mario Maker FAN LEVELS! - Part 1
Upload Date October 10th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Flying Fish Deathtrap : 2A54-0000-002E-05AB

Top 10 PB&JEFF : 310A-0000-0094-4EE3

Falling for Rosalina: 0E45-0000-0026-BB61

Flappy Dedede : 1C41-0000-003F-C40F

I'm So Sorry for this : 57AB-0000-0071-A5B2

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing fan levels. PBG had spagettios for lunch.

PBG plays the first level called 'Flying Fish Deathtrap'. PBG wonders why he has to play. PBG dies straight away. PBG gets surrounded by a lot of enemies, and is surprised he doesn't die in the chaos. He dies after being spooked by a giant piranha plant. He dies on a spike again. He gets past shooting goombas, and hits another spike. PBG hits another spike, and hands the gamepad to Jeff. Jeff is killed by one of the goombas.

They move on to the next level called 'Top 10 PB&Jeff'. They try to guess what is being referenced by the creator. Jeff beats the level.

The next level is 'Falling for Rosalina'. PBG gets stuck waiting for the koopas. He dies on the next wall of koopas. Jeff wants to prove that he is better then PBG. PBG isn't patient enough for this. Many more koopas enter, and Jeff tries to jump over them, but more arrive.

The next level is 'Flappy Dedede', and Jeff can already see that this will be hard. PBG says that he is good at Flappy Bird. PBG makes it past the last piranha plant trap and completes the level.

The final level is 'I'm So Sorry For This'. Jeff tries the level, and has to time himself to jump across cannon balls. He gets past the first set of cannon balls, and has to descend down a second set. PBG complains that Jeff isn't cutting out the death animations.

Jeff gets past the second obstacle. The next obstacle is a vine surrounded by spikes. Jeff has now mastered the first two obstacles. Eventually, Jeff gets past the vine, and gets to a moving platform with  moving fireballs. He finds out that he needs to clear a large jump. He makes it on his second attempt.

He needs to fall down falling platforms. Jeff likes levels like this, because it makes him keep coming back. PBG hates levels that he can't even work out what he is supposed to do. They decide to give up on the level. They have a crappy end to the video.

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