PBG and Jeff play through a game show, run through two mazes, and make a moral choice.

Upload Date December 23rd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Big Goomba's Big Gameshow - 87B0-0000-0029-E86E

Squiddies and Shy Guys - B915-0000-0178-D757

Moral Choice (Ver. 1.1) - C577-0000-01DA-0EC4

HARDEST MAZE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - E747-0000-0287-56E3

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff haven't done any fan levels in a while. Grey has made some PBG Animated videos. His level is 'Big Goomba's Big Gameshow'. Fairies spin around Mario. PBG chooses the wrong blocks several times before getting through with a POW block. He moves on and has to climb a vine up. He has to choose a path down a pipe, and chooses correctly. He reaches the end of the level. PBG becomes entranced by the platforms.

Up next is 'Squiddies and Shy Guys'. Jeff is worried that the level might suck. PBG messes up his saying. Jeff gets a squid amiibo and runs through a maze. He picks the correct path right away and ends the level. Jeff investigates the level. He keeps missing his jumps and falling into lava.

They move on to another level called 'Moral Choice (Ver. 1.1)'. Jeff is worried about having to murder Yoshi. Jeff jumps on enemies and gets a 1-Up. Jeff gets a P-Switch, and gets Yoshi. Jeff doesn't use Yoshi much in Mario Maker. Jeff tries to jump across the stage, but falls into lava. Jeff decides to make no choices at all, and take a different path. Jeff finds the flagpole, and didn't make any choices. They discuss Jeff's choices.

The final level is 'HARDEST MAZE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'. PBG throws the P-Switch off the stage and has to kill himself! Jeff sees the end of the level. PBG makes several attempts to get past the enemies on the other side of the maze. He gets to the axe, but goes too slowly and is killed by a thwomp. Neither PBG nor Jeff have played much of New Mario Bros. A lot of people like using the costumes. PBG hits the axe and makes it to the end. This isn't the hardest maze ever!

Jeff has been too hard on PBG lately. PBG needs a break.

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