PBG fights some boss battles in Mario Maker.

Upload Date April 9th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's EEC3-0000-010A-1960

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing a level called 'Gladiator Arenas (Boss Battles)'. PBG jokes that they won't be playing this level. PBG battles a Mario 3 Bowser boss fight, and accidentally gets past it. He gets past a Monty in a clown car, and dies to goombas. PBG likes to kill.

PBG cheats by hiding below the blocks that Bowser will fall to. Bowser walks up to Mario and kills him. "Why?" Jeff discusses the music of boss fights in Mario 3. PBG now has a fireball to kill the goombas with. PBG makes his own shooting effects. Jeff talks about Pure Ownage. A bob-omb shoots fireworks. Jeff directs PBG around the 'wormys'.

PBG tries to fight Bowser Jr, with some koopas. Jeff tells PBG that he doesn't have to kill anything. PBG discuss versions of Mario that they want to play. PBG randomly sings from The Lion King, and then continues as if it didn't happen. Jeff calls the 'situation' the 'sitch'. PBG thinks it is dirty. PBG kills the wiggler, and they are both surprised that this is possible.

PBG gets fire flowers spat out as a Bowser Jr and Bowser fights them. PBG just runs past them to get to the end of the level. Jeff wants to make some new levels with the new mechanics. PBG claps as they both did the outro together.

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