PBG and Jeff play through a difficult Legend of Zelda temple level.

Super Mario Maker - ZELDA DUNGEONS! #2
Upload Date July 30th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's FBD7-0000-007F-E16C

Synopsis Edit

PBG forgets how to do the intro. They are doing another Zelda level. They play 'Zelda The Lost Temple 2'.

PBG investigates. These levels look like actual temples. After getting to the second area, they find a bomb with unlocks a new area. Jeff wants a boomerang. PBG gets stuck in a spring trap - which laughs at him. He makes it through and has to jump across ice blocks. PBG replays an intense effect.

They come across a puzzle with POW blocks and a moving shell. They become confused as to what to do. PBG pretends to take a penalty kick, and misses. He gets it after a few more tries. Jeff doesn't care about the secrets. PBG and Jeff pretend to break up. He rides a rollercoaster into a door. PBG has to go back after making a thwomp break some blocks.

Link changes into Toon Link. PBG wants to play Wind Waker on PB&Jeff. They run out of time! They fast forward the level. PBG makes mistakes on a vine. Jeff asks if Link likes slushies. PBG rambles so it sounds funny when they fast forward. They get to the same point, and are close to the end. PBG jumps across ice to the end. They ran out of time right at the end! They discuss how they were fast forwarding, and Jeff hopes that Todd didn't slow the footage back down.

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