Jeff races in Mario Kart, while PBG reunites Yoshi and Birdo in Super Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker - YOSHI ??'s BIRDO!
Upload Date August 8th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Mario Kart: Volcanic Castle - 3E1E-0000-024A-C49F

Re-reunite Birdo and Yoshi!?? - 779C-0000-023C-9EC7

Synopsis Edit

Jeff is playing a Mario Kart level called 'Mario Kart: Volcanic Castle'. PBG is surprised by the countdown. Jeff is annoyed that he has to do three laps, until PBG explains it to him. Jeff finishes the stage, and wonders where the secret key is for another door. It was a cool level.

The next level is 'Re-reunite Birdo and Yoshi!??'. PBG plays the next level. PBG was confused as he starts as a block. PBG finds a boot, and can use it to make Yoshi glide. Jeff is very impressed, and wants to make a level using that mechanic. PBG needs to find a lot of coins to open a door. A giant piranha plant is killed by a shell, and PBG finds a key. Yoshi changes into Birdo. PBG tries to go into a P-Switch door, and fails to go into it. He decides to start over, as he is sure that he will need it.

PBG uses the 'I didn't do it well' technique to get a coin in a pit. There was a coin in the door. PBG continues to find secret coins throughout the Super Mario 2 like level. PBG sees a platform at the top of the screen. He tries to jump up to it, but falls into a pit. PBG finds out that the area above them was blocked off. PBG gets another boot, only to fall into another pit.

Jeff is reminded by the falling chain chomps from Yoshi's Island. PBG panics as he gets chased by fireballs. Jeff is surprised as PBG jumps on a fireball. They find a section with the phantom face on it. He is then chased by a clown car with a fireball in it. The boots are OP, as PBG continues to avoid death and kills normally un-killable enemies.

PBG starts to run out of time. He loses Yoshi. PBG and Jeff panic as they get to the end. PBG fights a kemek, and a large hammer bros. They search for the last red coin, but can't find it. The last red coin came just after the flagpole, which they get after they hit the flagpole. It was a great level. There were about 3 seconds left!

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