PBG plays a WarioWare level, goes skiing, and they battle through a shipping company while making shirt ideas.

Upload Date September 8th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's WarioWare, Inc. - 2B43-0000-0038-3F06

Mushroom Springs Ski Resort. - 31CC-0000-0227-DB2E

Waluigi's Tolerable Shipping Co. - 8BDC-0000-0040-04F8

Synopsis Edit

The first level is 'WarioWare, Inc.' This is an older level. PBG panics as he fights a wiggler. There are quick little boss fights and platforming puzzles. The most recent WarioWare game didn't do it for PBG. PBG's favorite WarioWare game is Smooth Moves.

PBG keeps on dying to a koopa trooper. PBG continues to struggle with the wiggler. Game and Wario looks exactly like a WarioWare game. PBG makes it to the end, and they both agree that this level was easy.

Jeff sees another level at the bottom of the screen called 'Mushroom Springs Ski Resort.' PBG wants to speedrun this level. PBG gets a spring, and gets a P-switch. PBG barely gets through the P-Switch door. PBG is bad at coming up with sayings. PBG tells people who watch when they fail to stop watching! PBG scares Jeff with close calls.

PBG reaches the ski section, and Jeff makes a shirt idea. PBG falls into a hole. PBG reaches the end, and only died once. PBG starts singing. PBG gets to the level he was planning on playing before Jeff sidetracked him. They argue, and PBG is not happy.

It is called 'Waluigi's Tolerable Shipping Co.' PBG instantly falls into a hole. They see a wizard, and PBG has to get in the 'Get out of town, wizard' shirt in. Jeff tells PBG to go off the edge, thinking there was something there. Jeff continues to meme themselves. Jeff tried to jump onto a wizard, but it went away. Jeff has to go back to get a mushroom while PBG continues to spam shirt ideas.

This is the worst episode of Mario Maker they have ever done! Jeff dies several more times. PBG gets to shame Jeff! Jeff tries to make the Waluigi noise play along with the music. He dodges some goombas with spikes on them. Jeff reaches the end of the level.

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