PBG and Jeff complete levels made by the Completionist.

Super Mario Maker - The Completionist LEVELS!
Upload Date November 28th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's The Modern Goomba Glide -

The Big Water Ballet -

Bowser's Construction Issues -

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are looking at Jirard's level. Jirard's levels are hard as hell. PBG decides to start with the easiest level! 'The Modern Goomba Glide'. PBG laughs as he handles the goombas. PBG pretends that he might hit left on accident. PBG pretends he is confident. PBG looks for the easiest of Jirard's levels.

He does 'The Big Water Ballet'. PBG likes water levels. The bullet bills turn into dead Luigi's! PBG ends up running into a spike. After several attempts, PBG gets past all the enemies and gets a star, and starts killing Toad's! PBG misses an opportunity to get a helmet, and rams into a spike at the end of a path. On his next attempt, he gets the helmet, but loses it on the first spiny enemy.

PBG keeps bouncing off a bullet into a spike. PBG gets back to the spinies again. He makes it to the end and is proud of himself. That was one of the hardest levels that PBG has completed so far. PBG wants to make a comment, and Jeff writes "Hi". PBG wants to do a level he can't beat.

'Bowser's Construction Issues' The level starts with spinning fire, and PBG runs into the first one. After getting past them, there are enemies in all the ? blocks, and stacked Bowsers next to them. PBG tries to go fast, and hits the next Thomp. The randomness of the Bowser's makes it harder.

They are surprised by a random Bowser fire high up in the level where PBG jumps. PBG thinks he pressed it to jump again. Jeff likes how they can self reference now! Suddenly, PBG beats the Bowsers. PBG tries to get a helmet, but is rammed into a stack of goombas.

The Bowser flame continues to sit at the top of the screen. PBG has many more attempts to get past the Bowsers. Jeff asks PBG what name he would have if he was a Thomp. It leads to a discussion about Super Mario RPG. PBG hands the controls to Jeff. The randomness frustrates Jeff.

Jeff succeeds in getting the Thomp to kill Bowser, but then dies himself. PBG's phone goes off. They eventually give up.

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