PBG and Jeff play a Zelda and a Captain Toad event level.

Upload Date April 25th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's Twilight Princess HD - Event Course

Toadette: Treasure Tracker - Event Course

Synopsis Edit

PBG wanted to try out the 'Twilight Princess HD' Event Course level. Bowser Jr has split himself in three. PBG goes into the mouth of a dungeon entrance. They are turned into Wolf Link. Jeff would want more kinds of levels to have the skins.

PBG fights Bowser Jr, and finds out how to get past. They are surprised as Bowser Jr flies over them, followed by PBG walking off into the lava. PBG kills himself trying to grab a koopa into a wall, not realizing that grabbing isn't possible in Mario 1. He gets killed to a falling koopa, and PBG wants to quit.

There are three videos sitting in PBG's inbox that the viewers will never see! Bowser Jr kills himself! PBG keeps on getting lucky as he finds more ? mushrooms. PBG wants to kill Bowser Jr rather then simply wait for him to open the path. PBG reaches the end of the level, but misses the top of the flagpole. At least he had the boot.

Jeff wants to see the 'Toadette: Treasure Tracker level'. PBG plays with the sprite, and Jeff notices the red coins. PBG grabs all the coins. PBG liked Captain Toad. PBG celebrates at the end of the level by grabbing coins. Jeff yells at him for jumping. A boo gets close to PBG, and he runs at the last second to get to the flagpole.

They are surprised at the low clear rates of the levels. They discuss how they can't play every level that the fans send in.

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