PBG and Jeff play levels based off of Star Wars and annoying wizards.

Super Mario Maker - STAR WARS AND WIZARDS!
Upload Date May 14th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's StarWars battle of Hoth (AT-ATs) - 5527-0000-019A-9FF1

Magic Space Wizards - E50F-0000-0194-6172

king wizard's air ship attack - 4A3E-0000-022D-A612

Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff are playing random levels starting with 'StarWars battle of Hoth (AT-ATs)'. If it isn't accurate to the movie, Jeff is leaving and they aren't playing Mario Maker again. PBG has to board to AT-AT. PBG starts to destroy the AT-AT from the inside. It is actually pretty cool!

They jump into a clown car and start shooting. PBG's dogs go crazy with any kind of bell sound. An AT-AT has bob-ombs that are destroying itself. It is falling apart. PBG gets out of the AT-AT, and makes it to the end of the level. PBG forgets to star the level!

PBG looks through the rest of this person's levels, and finds 'Magic Space Wizards'. Jeff plays this level. Jeff jumps across playforms avoiding the wizards shooting at him. The lakitus are throwing wizards! After falling off the edge once, Jeff gets past the wizards on the second try. He fights a wizard boss, and explores the empty are in a clown car, before arriving at the end. PBG and Jeff argue about forgetting to star levels.

Jeff finds a level called 'king wizard's air ship attack'. It has been a long time since Jeff played a Mario World level. There are a lot of wizards that appear everywhere! The wizards are good at dodging! PBG gets the red coins. There was no point in doing that.

PBG gets scared by appearing wizards, and misses the stars. He ends up dying to a dry bones. PBG tries again. He makes it to the end. PBG doesn't get what the point of the key was. PBG and Jeff talk about the Star Wars level again.

PBG thinks it would be a good idea to have an annotation that links to a completely random video. PBG and Jeff make shout outs.

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