PBG plays Jeff's Mario Maker levels!

Super Mario Maker - SPACEHAMSTER LEVELS! #1
Upload Date January 30th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's PIRATE PANIC! Donkey Kong 2 SNES - 622F-0000-0032-DC20

Waluigi's Wacky Nightmare! - ACD1-0000-003E-2140

Synopsis Edit

They liked their intro. PBG will be playing Jeff's levels.

They begin with 'PIRATE PANIC! Donkey Kong 2 SNES', a recreation of a Donkey Kong 2 level. Jeff asks where the bonuses are, and PBG walks into the first one in a pipe. Jeff shows the 'K' coin. PBG dies on a goomba. Jeff tried to recreate the world as close to the actual level as possible. PBG plays another bonus level. Jeff uses a boot as the animal companion. PBG makes it to the end of the level.

The next level is 'Waluigi's Wacky Nightmare!'. The level is spooky. PBG doesn't survive in the P Switch room. PBG doesn't want to make hard levels as he probably couldn't beat them! PBG jumps into a ghost. Jeff likes watching PBG play, as he trips up in the correct places. PBG is surprised by bob-omb explosions. PBG struggles, but doesn't want to give up.

PBG makes his own sound effects. He gets back to the bob-ombs, and jumps across a vine. Jeff laughs as PBG misses a vine and falls into a pit. PBG gets stuck at the vine. Jeff thinks about remaking his levels with checkpoints. Even after practicing on vines, PBG still misses the vine. Jeff tries to help PBG make a strategy for the vine. PBG finally gets past the vine.

PBG has to solve a bob-omb puzzle. He tries to float on enemies, but tries to jump between them and ends up dying. PBG sounds like an old man as he grunts. On the next try, PBG makes it to the end.

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