PBG and Jeff escape from Bowser's castle.

Super Mario Maker - PEACH'S PRISON BREAK!
Upload Date September 5th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's 82EA-0000-020D-29AC

Synopsis Edit

They mess up the intro. They start to play 'Peach's Prison Break -redux-'. PBG looks up how to pronounce redux on Siri.

Peach is in prison for some reason. Jeff keeps on going through the door. Jeff thinks he needs to do something with the thwomps. This is a hard puzzle to work out. Jeff restarts the level to see if he missed something. PBG wonders what they would do if they were in prison - probably not play Mario Maker!

Jeff is worried about how entertaining this video is. PBG thinks the fans would have figured it out long ago. Suddenly, the shells in the corner die in a different way, revealing a POW block. PBG has no idea what they just did. All PBG did was jump onto a block. It still doesn't help them.

Suddenly, they manipulate the level enough to kill the large thwomp, and the small thwomp moves across to destroy more blocks. A P-Switch now appears. The blocks don't turn into coins as they expected. They move to the other side and see a fireball appear, which interacts with the bombs. Bob-ombs now float into their cell, giving them progress.

They reach the check point. PBG killed Bowser without noticing. They are reverse getting out of the castle. PBG keeps on falling into lava. PBG promises the he won't die. He waits for hammer bros to fall into lava. PBG has to fight a mini boss, and dies in a fire! PBG lied! After falling into lava again, he hands the controller to Jeff.

They talk about how little they play Mario Maker, but how much they like it. Jeff is killed to the boss when he throws out his shells. Jeff breaks out and explores the mushroom kingdom, where he finds a secret. Peach stole all of Bowser's money. It was a good level! Jeff makes a comment saying "PB & Jeff sent me"

PBG will take the hate subs and the pity subs! PBG thanks Jeff for hate-subbing to him!

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