PBG takes on one of ProJared's levels in Super Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker - PBG vs. PROJARED'S LEVEL!
Upload Date September 2nd 2015
Series One-offs

Level ID's Piranha Pain

Synopsis Edit

PBG makes a weird intro when introducing Super Mario Maker. PBG dies on the main menu. PBG throws stuff onto the screen to demonstrate how the game works.

PBG checks out one of Jared's levels. It is called 'Piranha Pain'. PBG plays through and gets past the first few traps. He gets hit by a few piranhas on the way, but gets mushrooms. He stands below a pipe, and is attacked by a giant piranha plant. PBG jumps across some pipes, only for the last one to spawn a piranha plant after he has jumped, and he dies.

PBG tries again. "And PBG sat there for an unnecessarily long time, building up the courage to jump..." He then dies on the next koopa. He starts again, and falls down a pit. PBG calls that he is nervous now after doing so well on the first attempt.

PBG is not good at platforming games. He dies a few times on some of the first enemies, and tells Jeff to not show the death when he is hit by the first goomba. PBG struggles at the piranha plant. PBG tells Jeff to not put in the deaths where he dies to the first goomba - but Jeff keeps them in. PBG complains about the piranhas shooting fire.

PBG gets over the piranha plant shooting fire, and reaches a point where he doesn't know what is happening. Eventually, he hits a fireball, and wonders why Jared made such a long level. PBG walks off a cliff. PBG sees the end, and gets cornered by a koopa with a piranha plant on it. PBG makes it to the end.

PBG comments on the level. "Jared is teh suck. Get wrekt. - PBG"

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