PBG and Jeff are told a story about goombas killing themselves, and how a mushroom and flower turned into monsters.

Upload Date October 25th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's The Goomba: A Sad Tale of Madness - BDAB-0000-0033-2697

Friendship of Death Story - 768A-0000-0048-09DD

Synopsis Edit

PBG pulls a switcheroo on Jeff for the intro. Jeff will never get used to it. They are playing scary Mario Maker levels. The first level is 'The Goomba: A Sad Tale of Madness'. Jeff is playing as a goomba, and tries to fit in with the other goombas as they all kill themselves!

They love how the goombas climb the vines. There are ghosts of the goombas wondering around. The creator really wants you to be a goomba. Jeff plays badly, and PBG tells him that he can pretend that it is him playing! Jeff mass executes goombas by mistake! PBG never reads the comments that appear on the screen.

Jeff turns into a giant Mario, and kills all the goombas that look like Mario. He destroys a Mario statue. Jeff goes through heaven and kills Bowser at the end. The goomba is thrown into the lava after Jeff completes the level. PBG and Jeff discusses the story of the level.

The next level is 'Friendship of Death Story'. They try to pronounce the creator's name. Mario's friends are a mushroom and a flower. The glower and mushroom are destroyed, and PBG also dies. PBG gets left behind as the flower and mushroom get taken to the laboratory without him. PBG accidentally kills himself after watching the flower and mushroom are given life.

The flower and mushroom are alive again. However, the flower and mushroom are turned into a piranha plant and goomba! They broke out and start attacking! PBG makes new friends with a new flower and mushroom to kill their old friends. PBG gets crushed by another thwomp after forgetting that he was actually still playing. They made it to the end of the stage. They were interesting levels. The worst part is having to spell out everything with coins.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode had a Halloween opening theme.

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