PBG fights a giant mecha Bowzilla!

Upload Date July 22nd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's C662-0000-023A-620F

Synopsis Edit

PBG play a level called 'Super Mario Vs Mecha Bowzilla'. Jeff found this level being hyped up online. This is aparently one of the most creative levels in the game. PBG is worried as he starts the level.

They see the mecha as it begins to chase Mario. PBG tries to run away from the monster as it gets close. PBG jumps too high, and hits a cannonball. PBG appreciates the high heels on the mecha. PBG gets slightly further, but is hit by a fireball. PBG imitates Peach, and starts getting weird. PBG doesn't feel as bad as he sees a lot of deaths all over the screen.

PBG was focusing too much, so he dies when he could have gone down a pipe. PBG shows how fast he can pause the game. PBG gets frustrated as he gets a 'booty touch' on a fireball. PBG then jumps into a fireball after the pipe was cleared. PBG and Jeff argue about getting coffee, before PBG dies again. PBG can't do this!

PBG finally makes it down the pipe. He finds himself inside the mecha Bowzilla. He then slowly decends into lava after hitting a P-Switch! PBG wants to make a new shirt with "The build up has lost its build up" on it. They discuss making terrible shirt ideas, and thinking about someone stealing their ideas.

PBG makes it past and to a checkpoint. The mecha now has a fire jetpack. He is killed after going behind the mecha. He dies a few more times trying to get behind it. PBG panics as he stands behind the mecha. PBG makes it past the mech again, and heads inside.

PBG destroys the heart, and makes it to the checkpoint. He is killed quickly in the third stage. PBG jumps across vines, and gets eaten by a chain chomp. He almost gets to the end of the third stage, where he gets attacked by a chain chomp again. PBG is killed by a koopa on the inside. PBG starts to get cocky now. PBG tries to throw the shell into the core, but fails terribly. PBG talks about playing his consoles in school. PBG hits Bowser Jr with three shells, killing it. PBG has the key and goes through the door to the end of the stage.

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