PBG and Jeff find Jesus - in Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker - JESUS LEVELS #1!
Upload Date March 25th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Super Mario Maker

Level ID's 1696-0000-01EA-4D09

Synopsis Edit

Jeff searches what levels they want to do. They find Jesus! Jesus came back to make some Mario Maker levels.

PBG wants to try 'Marios Late For Track PracticeV1', which has a clear rate of less then 1%. PBG messes up on a spiny, and forgets that he can wall jump. Jeff doesn't like wall jumping, but PBG does. PBG talks about the weird camera change after the wall jumping in Super Mario Sunshine. PBG gets killed by a koopa shell he moved.

They both like this level. PBG wanted to impress Jesus by beating the hardest level. They joke that PBG will need to beat a Mario Maker level to get into heaven. Jeff censors PBG saying 'frick'. They realize how silly what they are saying is.

PBG hands the controls over to Jeff. Jeff gets killed by the koopa troopa after hitting a hidden block. Heaven is on the line for everyone who watches this! Jeff gets further then before and gets killed by koopa troopas falling down to him. Jeff gets further after blocking off the koopas. Jeff finds that he has to have the mushroom to bypass the spike traps.

Jeff jumps across koopa trooper flying, but doesn't commit to a jump across lava and falls in. On Jeff's next attempt, a large spiny is in the area with the mushroom. Jeff ends up being killed by a spike. Jeff hypothetically says that this may not be the real Jesus, and it was smart to use that name.

Jeff gets past the jump, and PBG asks Jeff what games he would say he is good at. Jeff dies again, and thinks they are about half way through the level. They decide to give up. PBG wants people to beat the level for them. PBG favorites his own videos.

Trivia Edit

PBG apologized in the comments for uploading this video on Good Friday accidentally.[1]

  1. - Link to PBG's comment

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