PBG makes a review for Super Mario Land 2.

Super Mario Land 2
Upload Date December 6th 2010
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Synopsis Edit

A late thanksgiving has PBG reminisce on twelve hour drives to visit family. This meant playing a lot of handheld games. One of the games he played the most was Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. PBG considers this to be a solid Mario title, but hardly anyone talks about it today, probably because it is on a handheld.

PBG discusses the plot and how to get to the final level. The less memorable zones are Tree Zone, Macro Zone, Pumpkin Zone and Turtle Zone, although Turtle Zone was cool because one of the levels involves being swallowed by a giant turtle. 

The coolest level is Mario Zone. There is a level on Mario's crotch - which is full of balls! PBG's favorite level is Space Zone - because it is in outer space, but also because it offers a new challenge of navigating through angry stars. 

Then it is time for Wario's Castle, which is very hard - or maybe PBG just sucks. There aren't any save points, so screwing up puts Mario back to the start of the level. PBG is getting annoyed at all the balls in this game! PBG started the castle with 69 lives and ended up with less than ten before having to go to the casino to get more! Platformers seem to be the genre that PBG sucks at most.

Once Mario defeats Wario, Wario's Castle disintegrates into another castle. The game abruptly ends - just like this video. PBG ends by singing about Mario having lots of balls.